2020 virgo horoscope february 8

The next day, February 6, brings plenty of action. The Sun sextiles Uranus, the planet of surprise, bringing you some random help from unexpected people. A debt might be unexpectedly paid off, or an apology you thought you'd never hear could come your way.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, trines lucky Jupiter which happens to be in your sign! You may have a philosophical breakthrough involving your love life or your artistic goals. February 6 brings some stress. There are a lot of feelings to feel today But February 6 also brings some stress, when sweet Venus squares erratic Uranus, bringing out some deeply buried insecurities, issues with commitment, or generally impulsive behavior.

However, this isn't the best day to make any commitments—focus on finding understanding and expressing gratitude now, and make promises later. February 8 brings the New Moon in Aquarius, which will be an excellent time to start fresh around any goals you have relating to your health, your schedule, or your work. If you want to kick a bad habit, this is a great time to do it.

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This is also a great time to consider whether or not your schedule is working for you. Perhaps try to go to bed a little bit earlier and see what you can accomplish by waking up an additional hour before you need to go to work or school. Both the Sun and Moon will be in Aquarius, the sign of the future— anything is possible!

One of the loveliest days this month for you is on February Today, Venus in fellow Earth sign Capricorn trines the planet of abundance, Jupiter, which is in your sign, sending you tons of blessings and opportunities to expand your reach. This is a wonderful day for dating, romance, and for just all-around feeling popular, supported, and understood. If you have an opportunity to throw a party, perform, or present your art, take it!

If you haven't yet gotten the point that this is a great month to focus on taking care of yourself, it totally is. February 13 brings one of the biggest shifts of the month for you: Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Aquarius, providing you with answers to some concerns you've had involving your schedule at work or concerning your general well-being. On February 16, Venus enters Aquarius, giving you the added incentive of just feeling more attractive and balanced when you're well rested, managing your business, and doing the best you can to take care of yourself. During Mercury retrograde Pisces, it is advisable to avoid if possible to disperse in activities certainly distracting, but especially time-consuming and hardly constructive.

Watch out for the overwork of video games.

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The transit of Saturn in the 10th House lasts until September 28, The retrograde movement of Saturn in Capricorn weakens the activities associated with the planet. For the one whose social rise has been as high as his ambition was strong, it is better to keep a low profile to avoid jeopardizing a perfectly smooth image so far. According to the April and May horoscope , the native of the Virgo astrological sign has an interest in being extremely patient and cautious if he does not want to jeopardize his chances of achieving success one day.

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The pitfalls and periods of doubt are part of the journey of all those who left a mark in history. During the retrograde Saturn period in Capricorn, your time has not arrived yet, stay focused on your goals. The transit of Mercury in the 1st House lasts until May 6, The planet Mercury in Aries arouses curiosity and awakens the skill of enlightened spirits.

During this period, speech and charisma are reinforced during speaking engagements, in corporate meetings as well as in the public and media spheres. According to the May horoscope , the natives of the Virgo zodiac sign whose vivacity of mind is matched only by their enthusiasm, overflow the energy needed to launch a new project. Thus, Mercure in Aries is a period favorable to the creation of company, the studies and the practice of sports activities which require skill and daring.

The transit of Mercury in the 3rd House lasts until June 4, The planet Mercury is in state of dignity of Domicile, in aspect of Conjunction. It is able to express all its power and its energy radiates in a positive way. The position of the planet Mercury in Gemini is favorable. Nothing comes to thwart the harmonious expression of its intrinsic qualities.

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According to Virgo's June horoscope, the natives of the Virgo astrological sign are in great shape and take advantage of every occasion of travel or weekend in the countryside to enjoy the outdoors with friends. During Mercure in Gemini, you will find serenity. You are well surrounded, in a regenerating and invigorating atmosphere. The sextile of Saturn and Neptune lasts until July 3, The sextile of Saturn and Neptune is a very favorable major aspect, which instills a positive spirit, marked by cooperation, solidarity and inspiration in the service of the collective.

According to the June and July horoscope of Virgo, it is the second time in the year that Saturn sextile Neptune. It is time to take stock of planned projects in the last two weeks of January.

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If the previous phase concerned the shaping and structuring of what was initially a confused dream, it is now a question of concretizing the project by actively seeking funds. During Saturn sextile Neptune, those who develop projects with a social and ecological dimension are right to take advantage of the month of June to meet business angels, because their mood is favorably influenced by the prospect of their next departure on vacation on the French Riviera.

The transit of Mercury in the 5th House lasts until August 29, The planet Mercury in Leo favors fun and frivolity. It is a period during which sensuality, leisure and the trades of the show take center stage. According to Virgo's horoscope, it's time to fully experience one's passions and party. Mercury in Leo is a lucky and happy phase, conducive to pleasure, all reason kept. The transit of Mercury in the 6th House lasts until September 14, New health and wellness trends are likely to spark your interest, but take some time to do your homework before incorporating them into your daily routine.

Saturn visits Aquarius from March July 1 and reenters the sign on December Jupiter follows close behind, meeting up with Saturn on December 21 in a long-anticipated Great Conjunction. Whatever boundaries stand between you and true love, Neptune in Pisces wants to help you dissolve them.

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One of your biggest obstacles in relationships is the tendency to be overly critical or judgmental. Adopting a more open-hearted attitude can work miracles in relationships of all kinds. Jupiter in Capricorn sextiles Neptune three times this year February 20, July 27, and October 12 , bridging the gap between the serious, down-to-earth, practical side of love and the dreamy, magical, romantic side.

In romantic and platonic relationships alike, communication is the most important thing to work on this year—especially while your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio and Libra October November 3.

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Issues of fairness and equality may come up between you and a significant other at this time. Year of All work and no play?